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At the advert break She got up saying She was going to the kitchen to get Herself a drink, and did I want one, I replied no thanks not at the moment.When She returned, She was surprised, and not a little annoyed to see me lying full length and face up on the sofa. Where am I going to sit She said womens spyder jacket I suppose you have to sit on me I answered. Without another word She turned Her back on me and sat Herself down on my chest, there are no words to describe my feelings as I looked up at Her statuesque figure, and felt Her full weight on my body.In no time at all I had a huge bone hard erection, although I don think She noticed it. after a while I asked Her if She was alright, Yes She said, and how about you? Oh I am fine I said, I like having you sit on me, but I would like it a lot more, if you sat on my face. Hardly was the word face out of my mouth, than She had got up. moved sideways womens spyder ski jackets and those lovely well rounded bottom cheeks of Hers were right above me and descending spyder womens jackets fast. I was plunged into total darkness womens spyder jackets and all noise had disappeared, except I now heard a new type of sound that I had never heard before. It was a type of distant rumbling gurgle almost continually from deep inside her body. This I concluded was the sound of Her digestive juices doing their work on the meal She had recently eaten. These sounds were a great turn on for me, and gave me strange ideas that I hope to tell you of later on.As She womens spyder jackets continued to sit on my face, I experienced for the first time, an incredible felling of total devotion to Her, I would have done anything for Her, I wanted to be Her slave, I would gladly have sacrificed my life for Her.Just how long She remained sitting on my face I don know, perhaps twenty minutes or more, however, as soon as the TV program had finished, She got up, and I asked Her if She had enjoyed it, "yes I did" She replied, I would never have dreamed of doing such a thing, but you have introduced me to my hidden side, and I like it. You talk too much anyway, and now I know just how to keep you quite whenever I want to, and enjoy it at the same time. Tell me She said, what is it like for you when I am sitting on your face?I just love to do it spyder jackets for women again She said. No problem I replied, just whenever You want to, tell me to lie down, and do it. Does this mean then that I can do whatever I like with you? She asked, yes of course you can I replied, as long as it does not cause me any physical injury, or long term ill health.As She continued to sit on my face, I experienced for the first time, an incredible felling of total devotion to Her, I would have done anything for Her, I wanted to be Her slave, I would gladly have sacrificed my life for Her. Listening to those sounds coming from inside Her, I wondered what it would be like if She possessed magic powers, and could reduce me in size until I was about 2 inches tall, pop me into Her mouth, take a drink, and swallow me whole and alive down into Her stomach.Once there She would use Her magic powers again to increase my size until I completely filled that organ to its capacity. She would then mens spyder ski jackets sit down in a comfortable arm chair, lean back, close Her eyes put both hands on Her by now bloated belly, and enjoy the incredible sensation of digesting an unwanted, and useless slave. Now at long last I was serving Her in the way She liked most spyder womens jacket my excruciating pain, was Her greatest pleasure. It was particularly enjoyable for Her, as She had to do absolutely nothing but sit back relax, and let Her normal bodily processes do the job for Her. She drank a lot of water in order to dilute Her digestive juices, so that my pain, and Her pleasure would last all that longer, She could still feel me moving around inside Her, and just about hear my muffled screams as I was being slowly very slowly digested, and changed into nutriment for Her benefit, and excrement for disposal in due coarse. Well I always said spyder ski jackets for men spyder ski jackets for men I wanted to be a part of Her, and now I am, but what part I wonder? I love it so much when my wife does this. I too enjoy when my wife does this when she is just "hangin out" watching TV on the lounge or reading a book. The symbolic act of surrender to my partner and complete loyalty is a huge turnon to me. I think my wife really enjoys it but is a little scared of the power she has over me and is often hesitant. I am actually gonna show my wife this site and use the great descriptions of what likeminded people say here to ask her to "throw away her spyder mens jackets inhibitions with me".
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